Employee wellbeing = business wellbeing.

Your employees are your business. When one thrives, so does the other. The modern CEOs who take control of their employee wellbeing strategies see not only productivity soar, but also profitability.

By focusing on your culture, you can massively boost your bottom line, retain and attract the best performers, and become a leading force in your industry. That’s all because of a simple truth that CEOs often miss: good wellbeing makes for good business.

As a business-minded wellbeing company, we can help you harness the power of a thriving culture. It’s simple, proven, and undeniably effective.

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Let’s break the ‘people’ vs ‘profits’ cliché – for good.

For too long, investing in people was seen as something that takes away from your bottom line. That’s been disproven – in fact, the opposite is true.

Wellbeing initiatives have been proven to yield a 500% ROI. Yes, that’s 500%. What other investment can guarantee you that?

If the metrics you’re tracking are ROI, profitability, and revenue growth… You’re in the right place.

The statistics don’t lie. CEOs who invest in wellbeing can:

Improve employee wellbeing by up to 40%
Increase engagement and motivation by at least 10%
Improve productivity by 15%
Enhance their business’ reputation in the market – reducing the cost of attracting talent and new business
Make your people feel valued and want to stay for longer – decreasing the cost of employee turnover

Discover our unique thriving programme –
wellbeing at heart, with a head for good business.

Working with pioneering wellbeing companies like Deloitte and Accenture, we’ve developed a model to sustain peak performance that’ll give you a 500% return on your investment.

We’ll use our proven method to achieve the same for you. We’ll start by understanding your business, your vision, and your metrics for success – and then tailor a programme to supercharge your business and employee wellbeing in a systemic and sustainable way.

See it as more than just the ad-hoc tactical changes you might’ve seen happening in your company… but as a holistic change that will infuse into your very culture – effortlessly on your part, but incredibly impactful all around.

We’re the only ones in the market guaranteeing these tangible results – because we’ve just got that much belief in our model. And we’ll continue working with you for free until you reach these goals.

We follow a simple 3-step approach:


Start with a reality check by listening carefully to fully understand the current situation.  Be clear on the intention of the programme and co-create a clear vision of success.


Design a plan which will achieve the intention in the most efficient, cost effective and sustainable way.   Commitment and positive role models at all levels in the organisation.


Baseline measurement, feedback on improvement, collect and analyse data, measure the return on investment.  Compelling case studies and awards.

In addition we want to work with you to make an even wider impact. For every corporate licence you use we will work with you to give a licence to someone who needs it.

Partner with a business-minded wellbeing consultancy.

Let us be the link that strengthens your employee wellbeing chain. Get in touch with us today to find out how you can grow the metrics that matter, by leveraging the latest knowledge in employee wellbeing.

We’ll give you a free one-hour consultation where we will share the most impactful actions you can take as a CEO to build and sustain a healthy, high-performance culture. We’re confident we can help you and your colleagues thrive and add over £500k to your bottom line.


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