Meet the team

Mark Mulligan

Executive Coach & Founder of thriving

I want to see you and the people who are important to you thriving more of the time.  I might work with you 1:1 to help you to nail it in every part of your life… or I might partner with your company to build a healthy culture.   It warms my heart to know we have helped tens of thousands of people to… well not just survive  … but to thrive both at work and at home.   At work I love learning new things, making the complex simple and shaking things up.  When I’m playing I love cycling around London, walking on windy beaches in winter, going with my husband to opening nights and eating Italian ice cream with my eyes closed.  The thing that helps me thrive most is seeing others thrive; it’s like when you give money to a just cause – it makes you feel richer.

Sarah Bridges

Executive Coach & Operations Director

I’ll work with you to make sure everything runs smoothly.  My favourite part of each day is hearing what people gain from thriving. After spending over two decades delivering large scale, complex, learning & development programmes, I swapped corporate life & my commute for three years of Greek Island life.  I also went from almost physical ‘burn out’ to impending mental ‘rust out’!  I’ve finally found balance.  I’m happiest when coaching people to thrive whatever is going on around them or walking with my dog, on a hilltop in the sunshine!   On the odd occasion I get to do both, I am at a 10/10!

Ben Mulligan

Marketing & Communications Manager

I make sure you know all about thriving and our monthly ‘Keep your Thrive Alive’ Vlogs! I get a real buzz out of connecting with you online and sharing content to help you… and as many other people as possible…  to be healthier, happier and more holistically successful.  When not at work, I can be found outdoors away from any technology screens – usually hiking, sea swimming and relaxing in awe in nature. I love learning and growing with thriving and helping to spread contagious resilience.

Jalpa Lai

Digital Platform Manager

I manage our thriving Digital Platform for you.  I’ll ensure you have a great experience of our online coaching programmes either alone, at your own pace or with others on one of our virtual workshops.  I got so much from my own experience of thriving, it led me to begin my Yoga journey and then join the thriving team!  I thought I was at 9/10 but when I looked ahead, I saw someone I didn’t want to be.  Now I have achieved a happy and diverse work/life balance and being part of the thriving team has added to that.  I feel happy when I see people sign up to our digital platform, knowing they are beginning their own personal thriving journey.  I’m blessed with being able to start my day at 10/10 with my four legged best friend and a long walk in beautiful countryside.   If my thriving state drops, I know exactly what to do!  😊

Dom Scott

Digital Design Manager

I produce the thriving online, off line and video content for you.  I have been working in design and publishing for 25 years and I love my work, especially finding creative solutions to new challenges.  I also love the outdoor life and time with my family, so I left life in London (and agency burn out) 8 years ago to live and work on the south coast. I have since found my life has more balance, and as a result I have much more creative energy to put into my work.  Now I am thriving all the time!

Your thriving coaches

Leon Taylor

Thriving Ambassador

I’ll bring my experience as an Olympian to our sessions together.  Over 30 years in elite sport gave me a deep understanding of the effects of stress, pressure and expectation.  Now, I focus on mental wellness. You might know me from Headspace where I’m a Move Mode coach, I’m also a yoga teacher, and a mentor for Olympic and Paralympic athletes.  I’ll work with you to improve your health, your happiness and your performance, and I really enjoy the thriving approach to this.  I thrive on science and evidence based coaching, one of my hobbies is reading research in this area. I also enjoy swimming in the sea (particularly when it’s very cold!) and getting out on my bike for a spin whenever the weather is kind.

John Binns MBE

Thriving Coach & Facilitator

I bring to my sessions the combined experience of 25 years as a leader in the business and professional services world, including 16 as a Deloitte Partner.  Learnings from my personal journey include: overcoming severe stress related heightened anxiety and depression to continue my Deloitte career, my academic understanding of CBT and my leading position in the world of workplace mental health.  I’ve served for 10 years as Vice Chair and Board Member of Mind UK, as well as 9 years on the Board of the City Mental Health Alliance.  My mission is to help others overcome, or even better prevent stress related symptoms and burnout. For recreation and fun I can often be found ploughing a furrow in the Essex lanes on my beloved racing bike, or playing guitar and singing in my rock covers band IF.

Della Judd

Thriving Coach & Facilitator

I might be running your thriving session, if so I look forward to meeting you!  I love the way we create a safe space for people to really understand how they can make simple changes and thrive more of the time.  In my previous role as a senior leader in a large professional firm I helped people to focus, not just on their professional skills, but their wellbeing too.  I know from personal experience how important the balance between work, home and health is after I suffered a bout of chronic migraines that left me so unwell, I was off work for 4 months.  I have now found the balance between working with a purpose, resting and doing things I love like yoga, walking and painting.

Max Gooding

Thriving Coach & Facilitator

Being part of the team means I get to help you and your organisation to really enjoy and connect with thriving.  It could be me coaching your session, or maybe you’ll see me in the set up, or a community activity – I like to mix it up! Having worked for many years in large corporates, I know how it feels juggling long commutes, parenting and a career – let alone making sure I was healthy and happy!  I love the simplicity and accessibility of thriving.  Regardless of who you are or where you are in your life, I enjoy helping you find your best self – and then hanging on to that version of you!  Balanced me, is doing my day back to front, trail running through the woods near our home in the mornings and working in the afternoons and early evening.  Oh and cakes – there is always room for coffee and cake in any balanced life!

Gwyn Thomas

Thriving Coach & Facilitator

I’m passionate about equality and fairness, I believe that ‘valuing diversity’ must sit at the heart of my work and life.  I was one of the first black police officers in Wales and I’ve overcome many challenges.  I left the service after three decades having had a successful career as a senior police officer.  I am now able to bring this bring this experience and my long track record of success and achievement to my sessions.  I’m proud to be the Diversity and Inclusion Lead for the Reserve Forces and Cadet Association in Wales and to have been awarded the Queens Golden Jubilee medal.  When I’m not working, I love to read, visit the gym, walk and chill out in my caravan on the Gower Coast in Swansea.

Natasha Chivers

Thriving Coach & Facilitator

If you work in theatre, dance or the arts I’ll be coaching you through your virtual thriving workshop.  As an Olivier award winning lighting designer I know what it takes to be successful and the importance of looking after my wellbeing to stay at the top of my game. I love the way thriving works, especially how you get to find out what being your best self feels like and how to get there more of the time.  I get such a kick out of helping you to thrive in all the areas of your life. When I’m not working I can be found strolling through the parks and markets of South London, running or swimming in the Lido.

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