The thriving Leadership Advantage

Support your leaders’ success

benefit your people, business, and bottom line.

What would the world look like if Bill Gates burnt himself out before Microsoft’s big break in 1980?

What would the tech industry look like today if Sheryl Sandberg hadn’t felt strong enough to lead the change?

How many people would’ve been left behind if Oprah didn’t have the headspace to create so many platforms for diverse perspectives?

Leaders hold the power to shape our world.

At thriving, we firmly believe that prioritising wellbeing is the key to unlocking leaders’ full potential and optimise impact.

Lonely at the top? Not anymore.

When you support and ignite the full potential of your leaders, you cultivate a vibrant, high-performance culture that is contagious and breathes life into your entire organisation.

That’s what we call ‘The thriving Leadership Advantage’ — and companies who enhance their leadership’s wellbeing benefit from its constructive domino effect.

Together, we can navigate modern-day obstacles and create a thriving environment where leaders become healthier, happier, and more holistically successful, positively impacting every level of your business.

We’re here to empower your leaders with our transformative Leadership Coaching program, a journey that goes beyond mere professional development and extends past the bounds of the boardroom.

Is your organisation aiming for success?

You need leaders who are not only great, but who are thriving!

Imagine this…

  • A thriving leadership: Equip leaders to prioritise their wellbeing, ensuring they’re not running on empty and unknowingly sabotaging your culture.

  • Wholehearted sponsorship: We help leaders recognise and appreciate the importance of HR and employee wellbeing, dispelling the notion that it’s too ‘fluffy’.

  • A thriving culture at every level: Leaders will present a united front and set the tone for a healthy high-performance culture that supports your People Strategy.

  • Unlocking hybrid teams’ potential: Leaders will learn how to engage, motivate, and inspire their teams.

  • 500% ROI: Inspired colleagues are 2.25 times more productive than those who are merely satisfied — giving your company a real competitive advantage.

thriving clients

Mark Mulligan:

Founder of thriving London

“I know all too well how easily leaders’ wellbeing can deteriorate. At 33, I became the youngest Finance Director for a FTSE 100 company, and while my life looked grand from the outside, I was actually at my lowest point.

I embarked on a journey to recovery, and once I got better, I used what I learned to help other leaders to bounce back from challenges quickly and become more resilient. The result is the thriving coaching model, informed by my own experience as a senior leader who learned my lessons the hard way.”

The proven thriving impact

Many people see wellbeing as the ‘soft’ side of a business, but the impact of our thriving programmes show measurable results that have helped our clients achieve their business objectives. Here are some of our most recent outcomes:

How we work with you

thriving Executive Leader Coaching

Offer your leaders an ally who will help accelerate their personal growth and remove blockers that are sabotaging their progress. Recognising the unique strengths, challenges, and aspirations of each leader, our skilled coaches deliver tailored support that unleashes their full potential.

Challenge: Your leaders lack the personal support they need to flourish, creating an unfavourable ripple effect within their team and wider organisation

thriving solution:

Guidance in building resilience, enabling leaders to confidently navigate challenges and rebound from setbacks
Enhance leadership skills, equipping them with effective strategies to consistently inspire and empower their teams
Gain valuable insights into their leadership style, identify areas for development, and leverage their inherent strengths
Establish actionable goals, providing ongoing guidance and accountability throughout the coaching process

thriving Workshop – Building Personal Resilience

Peter Drucker famously wrote  ‘Culture eats Strategy for breakfast’ but what creates culture?  More than anything else it’s the mood and behaviour of your leaders.  In this impactful session, we create a space where leaders can attend to their own oxygen masks.  We coach them to be more aware of and in control of their mood.  We help them to identify the early warning signs of stress and how to nip it in the bud before it affects others around them.  We support them to discover their intrinsic motivation and how to sustain peak performance.  Role modelling resilience, self-care, and healthy habits is inspirational to others and helps build a healthy high performance culture. 

Challenge: Your leaders are too busy looking after their teams and the business to look after themselves

thriving solution:

Tap into hidden wells of powerful intrinsic motivation
Discover what helps and sabotages leaders, so that you can help them thrive
Give them personal strategies to be at their best whatever challenges arise
Connect leaders with peers and enable them to support each other

Taking the Leadership Pulse: Timely practical Workshops

Beyond leadership coaching, our Leadership Workshops provide a safe and inclusive space for leaders to meet current-day wellbeing challenges that they and their teams might be facing. We combine expert facilitation with interactive exercises, group activities, and reflective moments to facilitate meaningful conversations on an ongoing basis.

Leaders have the opportunity to connect with peers, share experiences, and gain valuable insights. The collective wisdom and shared learning drives positive cultural change.

We’ve created Leadership Workshops to tackle various current topics, including:

Leading Through Change
Creating a Culture of Belonging
Reaching out for Help
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Building Confidence
Managing Stress Effectively
Understanding Gen Z

thriving sessions – Leadership Walking the Talk

Giving leaders an opportunity to step up, be visible and demonstrate they really care about the wellbeing of their people. Our thrivinar wellbeing webinars provide a platform for leaders to role model healthy behaviours to meet current-day wellbeing challenges that affect your people .

We coach your leaders to successfully co-facilitate wellbeing webinars together with our subject matter experts, striking a powerful balance between external expertise and internal context, as leaders share their lived personal experiences and insights with your wider teams.

Challenge: Your leaders are too busy looking after their teams and the business to look after themselves

thriving solution:

Help leaders shine as co-facilitators of the sessions, relating to their colleagues by sharing their authentic voices and personal stories
Coach leaders to feel comfortable and confident opening up, inspiring and motivating colleagues by sharing their own wellbeing journeys
Benefit from the best of both worlds, as colleagues gain practical tips and tools from subject matter experts while also connecting with and learning from their leaders

Explore all thrivinar topics here.

A thriving leadership team is just one piece of the wellbeing puzzle.

Achieving organisational wellbeing is a journey that travels through every part of your organisation — not just the top. At thriving, we take a holistic view of the challenges faced by your organisation and design a holistic programme which optimises colleague health and organisational performance.

To maximise your return on investment of time, resources, and budget, we suggest opting for a customised programme.  A unique combination of leadership coaching, workshops, webinars, manager training, development of wellbeing champions, and digital programmes — tailored to your particular challenges and goals.

This consulting approach ensures that all levels of your organisation receive the right support and resources to drive positive change and create a healthy high performance culture.

Let’s work together

We’re dedicated to helping you foster a culture where wellbeing is cherished, resilience is nurtured, and extraordinary results become the norm. Join us as we redefine leadership – not as a solitary pursuit, but as a contagious experience of true wellbeing, growth, and inspiration.

Get in touch today — coffee on us.

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