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Develop a network of Wellbeing Champions to steer your organisation to be healthier, happier, and holistically successful.

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Creating and maintaining a healthy culture has never been more complex. In the wake of the pandemic, even the best companies are hemorrhaging talent, suffering sliding engagement scores, and struggling to attract top candidates.

You can navigate the post-pandemic perfect storm the smart way, by creating and nurturing your very own network of culture carriers to help create a healthy workplace culture.

80% of companies now have Wellbeing Champions, and have benefited from improved retention rates and engagement scores as a result. 

The question is, how do you make this a reality in your own organisation, and design a road map to get to your destination more quickly and with less effort?

We partner with clients like Deloitte, Westminster, and Barclays to help them best navigate this new world and build a thriving wellbeing culture.

We can help you to build a stellar Champion Network which is the envy of your competitors.

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What are Champion Networks?

Champion Networks are a group of informal influencers who proactively support colleagues to look after their wellbeing and sustain peak performance.

One person can make a difference. But the impact of several people working together towards the same goal can truly make wellbeing contagious.

We’ll help you to create and maintain a vibrant, active network that’s motivated and confident to help you achieve your employee wellbeing goals.

Companies with Champion Networks have:

Increased engagement scores
Sustainable High Performance Culture
Decreased employee attrition

The proven thriving impact

Many people see wellbeing as the ‘soft’ side of a business, but the impact of our thriving programmes show measurable results that have helped our clients achieve their business objectives. Here are some of our most recent outcomes:

Feel more engaged
Uplift in personal wellbeing score (Barclaycard)
Feel more connected to other colleagues
Said they’d recommend the programme (Deloitte)
Better able to manage personal stress
of colleagues signed up and completed the programme (Deloitte)

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What if I already have a Wellbeing Champion Network?

Music to our ears! It sounds like you are one of the 80% of organisations that already have internal Wellbeing Champion Networks (maybe even in the form of Mental Health First Aiders).

But, as you may already know, setting everything up is only half the challenge … If you’re here, you may be asking yourself:

  • How do I keep my Champions consistently motivated, engaged, and active?
  • How can I track progress in a measurable way that I can feel proud presenting to the leadership?
  • How do I train my Champions to run quality workshops for their colleagues, and develop them to be wellbeing coaches?
  • How can I upskill our Champions to be culture carriers and keep colleagues inspired?

Like Henry Ford said:

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

So, how can thriving support you to get the best return on your investment in your Champion Network, to come together, stay together, and work together for success?

Glad you asked… We can:

  • Help you establish and grow your own Champion Network from scratch with our unique thriving method
  • Help you re-engage and develop existing Champion Networks (including up-skilling Mental Health First Aiders) with a wide array of offerings tailored to your needs
  • Help you expand existing Wellbeing Networks & supercharge their effectiveness

To find out more about the specific ‘what’s and the ‘how’s of our approach, feel free to read our easy-to-scan thriving Champion Network brochure below:

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How do you get started?

Whether you’re completely convinced to start developing your Champion Network, or want to chat details, facts, and numbers, we’d be more than happy to walk you through the process.

You can schedule a 25 minute chat with Mark, founder of thriving, at a time that suits you here:

We can’t wait to help you feel more supported, confident, and proud of your wellbeing strategy.

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