Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

How to overcome feeling like an imposter and build confidence

Have you ever wondered if you’re just not good enough?

Well if you have, you’re not alone … lack of confidence or Imposter Syndrome affects 70% of us.  It’s even more common since lockdown.

For individuals it can have a negative affect on our mental wellbeing, personal relationships and performance at work.  For organisations it can lead to suboptimal performance.

This month we’re delighted to introduce John Binns, ex Deloitte Partner, vice chair of Mind and one of the bravest people you’re ever likely to meet.   He reveals how Imposter Syndrome was a key factor in his own breakdown.

In this month’s KYTA video John shares how you can VAniSH Imposter Syndrome for good and what leaders can do to build a healthier culture where people feel they belong and are valued.

To help you get more personal benefit from this video …  we’re launching a new Imposter Syndrome thrivinar led by the inspirational John Binns.

This interactive virtual keynote brings this video to life and will help you to sustain peak performance and create a healthy entrepreneurial culture.  If you’d like to learn more about our thrivinars you can book a quick chat here

We’d love to learn what you found most useful, please do share your comments below.

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Be well!


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