Leading Wellbeing Well2

Leading Wellbeing Well

Practical tips from inspiring Leaders to build a healthy culture.

One of the things we love about working here at thriving is that we get to work with inspiring leaders.  The sort of people who have the ability to reach inside you, light a fire, give you energy, make you feel valued and special.

Have you noticed that often, if the person leading is stressed, quite soon it can spread to others, almost like it becomes contagious. We’ve found that the same is also true, if leaders are thriving, that also becomes contagious!

In this video Mark introduces you to two leaders who we believe are excellent role models when it comes to wellbeing.  They both think about the wellbeing of their people, they care about them and they do things to help them..

In this video you’ll discover what these leaders do for:

  • themselves,
  • 1 to 1 with individuals
  • with their teams
  • and culturally across their organisation..

…to lead wellbeing well!

We’d love to learn what you found most useful, please share your comments below.

We look forward to seeing you next month and in the meantime..

Continue to stay safe, be well and thrive!

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